Duty Calls Mybb Theme
Duty Calls is a Call of Duty inspired dark theme with some beautiful green buttons and hover animations. The theme comes with .psd files for the logo so you can easily customize it to fit your site's needs. Have a look at this theme's demo to see all of its beauty!
FlatOne is a responsive MyBB 1.8 theme that can be personalized.
GameOne is a responsve MyBB 1.8 theme for gaming forums. This mybb theme uses HTML5 and is tableless. Profile page has a fresh unique look that appeals to gamers. Theme can be dynamically changed. Background pattern, and header image has preset images that can be switched in and out.
MetroStyle MyBB 1.8x
MyBB 1.8x theme based on Windows 8 Metro Theme
Moderlo MyBB Theme
Moderlo is a theme based on the styling of IP Board skins, as it is a popular style and layout i thought it would be a good idea to implement this into the design. This particular version is blue but there are plans for various colors if they are requested or this becomes popular.
Sleek MyBB Theme
Sleek is a theme which was originally going to be used on this site as the default theme, but i thought it would be better to allow others who like the look to purchase it. It is a fixed width theme based on the 1140px grid system and contains a collapsible sidebar where you can add extra stuff such as a twitter feed (which there is a tutorial for).